Signs That it’s Time to Replace the Couch

There are a number of reasons a person may make the decision to replace their couch. One of the most common is that they want to redecorate their home. However, there are also many who use their couch until it is falling apart – literally. The good news is, there is a middle ground where a couch should be replaced before it completely falls apart. Keep reading to learn exactly what those signs are.

The Couch Doesn’t Fit in the Allotted Space

Many people hang on to the couch they used in college, or from their first apartment. After all, these are typically a significant investment. However, when moving into a new home, that couch may not look “right.” It could be too big, taking up too much space, or too small and look lost compared to the size of the room. In any case, it’s time to replace it and get one that better fits the room.

Creaking Sounds

If a person begins to hear creaking, popping or squeaking each time they sit down, then they are warning signs that the couch is suffering from structural damage. The noises could be an issue with the joints on the metal or wooden frame, or the metal springs have gotten weaker. In most cases, older furniture is typically constructed with screws. Unfortunately, furniture that’s less expensive is usually made with epoxy, staples and manufactured wood. At this point, replacing the couch is a smart option.

No Lumbar Support and Flat Cushions

Does the carpet in the house feel like it offers more support and padding than the couch? If so, then it probably means that the couch is past its prime. Now is the time to consider a replacement. This will ensure that the couch can provide the lumbar support that people need when sitting down.

Be sure to stay aware of if it is time for a new couch. Being informed is the best way to know when a couch needs to be replaced. More information about buying a couch can be found by looking at the Amazon reviews for Sofamania, which can provide invaluable help with this decision.