Buying and buying at a low price, Gome online mobile phone purchase strategy

 The double 11 is over, and many price-cutting products have gradually recovered their original prices. However, many users who have not grabbed the mobile phone products they want to buy also don’t have to regret. For the return after the holiday, the price of Gome Online is also beautiful. Then let’s take a look at it. After the Double 11, which products continue to be worth starting?

Double 11 snapped up new Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is the latest Apple phone, and it has been on the market for some time. Although this phone does not bring us too many surprises in innovation, but because iPhone X is not yet on the market, many Apple users who hold the currency have chosen iPhone 8 as their new model. In the Tmall Mall, the iPhone 8 has been on sale for some time, and the price is relatively stable during the 11.11 period. If the budget is sufficient, users can consider starting.

The iPhone 8 series is still available in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions. It is equipped with the latest generation A11 Bionic biochip. It uses a 64-bit architecture and consists of six cores. Two of the cores are faster than the A10. %, four small core performance is 70% faster than A10. The GPU is equipped with a new graphics processing chip designed by Apple, which is 30% higher than the A10’s image processing and rendering capabilities, but the power consumption has dropped by half.

In addition, in the iPhone 8 series, Apple also designed a new ISP. For the camera, the iPhone 8 is equipped with a 12-megapixel main camera, the iPhone 8 Plus is equipped with a 12-megapixel dual camera, F1.8 large aperture design, and a new lens module.

Although there is no such thing as the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 still inherits the fine tradition of Apple’s mobile phone. The biggest highlight of this machine compared to the iPhone 7 is wireless charging, performance and new color matching. If you are not an iPhone 7 user and don’t want to spend time waiting for the iPhone X, then the more affordable iPhone 8 might be a good choice.

Popular explosions continue to be low price HUAWEI nova2 Plus

Huawei launched the nova2 series in August this year, which has completely upgraded its appearance and configuration. Although it does not have Leica certification like P10 and Mate 9, the nova 2 Plus shooting configuration is never lost. In terms of specifications, the nova 2 Plus is equipped with a 20 megapixel front camera and a 12 megapixel + 8 megapixel rear dual camera. With the exclusive shooting function such as “Portrait Mode”, it is easy to play with special effects. Portrait of a photo.

The HUAWEI nova 2 series is equipped with a 1080P screen and adopts an all-metal body design. It is changed from the three-stage antenna of the previous generation to the top-mounted symmetrical arc-shaped antenna, and the fuselage lines are also quite round. In terms of body size, HUAWEI nova 2 has a 5.0-inch screen with built-in 2950mAh battery, 5.5-inch HUAWEI nova 2 Plus screen, 3340mAh battery, and 6.9mm thickness. It is quite well controlled and has no pressure in one hand. . In terms of color matching, HUAWEI nova 2 series has five colors of ochre black, streamer gold, rose gold, aurora blue and grass green, which are fresh and pleasing to the eye.

As a self-portrait phone, the 4GB RAM+64/128GB ROM storage combination can handle most multi-tasking scenarios, while the Kirin 659 processor can be considered an upgraded version of the Kirin 650. Overall, the phone is in performance. There won’t be too many bottlenecks.

The HUAWEI nova 2 series front-mounted 20 megapixel, F2.0 aperture camera, with the ISP of the Kirin chip deep training, can provide higher definition. The HUAWEI nova 2 series also comes with an upgraded version of the Beauty 4.0 algorithm. In addition to beauty, the front camera also supports background blur. Rear 12 million pixels (F / 1.8 aperture + 1.25μm unit pixel area) + 8 million pixels dual camera, of which 12 million for the wide-angle end, 8 million for the telephoto end. The former can be used to shoot large scenes such as landscapes, and the latter can be used to shoot people. The wide-angle and telephoto lenses work together to provide excellent imaging results.

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The HUAWEI nova 2 series is still a young and fashionable group with the value of face value and self-timer. With the support of Huawei’s excellent work and the new self-portrait beauty algorithm, it can perfectly meet everyone’s aesthetics and needs, and become one of the most competitive at this price. Model.

Pre-self-timer is more fun moto green pomelo

As a youthful smartphone, Moto Green Grapefruit has attracted many young users. And its excellent camera and battery life is also a highlight of attracting young users. At the same time, Lenovo and the pepper camera reached a product layer strategic cooperation, which made the camera more and more interesting gameplay.

The moto green pomelo uses a 16 megapixel camera before and after, with better live video, built-in beauty selfies, rich filters, support for PDAF, HDR and professional camera modes, faster and more accurate focus speed, providing more Dynamic range and image detail, while beautifying without losing too much detail, and rich filter effects bring you a more varied style experience.

And the pepper camera we just mentioned is a special effect camera that continues to innovate in the AR field. With the powerful AI technology and the new creative method, users can quickly generate interesting photos and videos, this time in the moto G series mobile phone. Applying the advanced artificial intelligence face recognition technology of the pepper camera to the camera function, it adds a series of interactive experiences such as cute and exaggerated face to the user during the photo taking process, making the self-timer “meng” interesting and becoming a big moto green pomelo. Highlights.

At the same time, the Pepper Camera is a special-effect camera that continues to innovate in the AR field. They have a leading team of artificial intelligence technologies that can intelligently identify faces, genders, ages, scenes, objects, gestures, and characters and scenes. Intelligent segmentation, creating a combination of virtual reality shooting effects, as well as a beauty engine capable of self-learning. Having said that, it’s good to take pictures and talk.

In addition, in terms of endurance, moto green pomelo is also very good. It is equipped with a 3000mAh large-capacity battery and supports 15W turbo fast-stroke. It can reach 5 hours of battery life by charging 15 points. The system-level moto battery management system, which also makes moto green pomelo in the power management has greatly improved, which further enhances the battery life. Therefore, under the powerful role of “power consumption” such as live video and photos, it can still be used for a long time.

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In addition to what we just mentioned, in terms of entertainment, moto green pomelo will give users a good experience, in terms of performance, moto green pomelo is not inferior. The machine uses a Qualcomm eight-core processor and uses a 28nm process. It has an eight-core Cortex A53 architecture with a maximum frequency of 1.4GHz. The GPU is Adreno 505, with 4Gb of large-capacity memory, and the performance of moto green pomelo. Can easily meet the daily needs.

Have to enter the self-timer artifact Mito T8s

Meitu mobile phone has become synonymous with outstanding self-timer, and Mito T8s is the latest self-timer flagship of Mito mobile phone, which is endorsed by the popular goddess Angelababy. The Mito T8s has been released with the attention of the luxurious self-timer configuration of the front dual-pixel dual camera.

The Mito T8s is equipped with a flagship 10-core processor with three core clusters and a CPU clock speed of up to 2.5GHz, maximizing the balance between high performance and low power consumption. At the same time, for those who love to play games, Mito T8s also has a system-level performance optimization for the major games in the market. How can it be unpleasant to play?

In terms of design, Meitu T8s adopts the most rich all-metal integrated body, with a streamlined design language that is fashionable and very young. It gives the whole machine a lot of smart feeling. At the same time, Mito T8s For those who are discerning, you have a variety of classic colors including purple, pink, blue and red. Each has its own beauty. There is always a color that is your heart.

Self-timer is the most extreme place for Mito T8s. Its front-mounted HD dual camera, in which the main lens CMOS is Sony’s flagship IMX362, has extraordinary resolution, while the sub-camera has unit pixels up to 1.4μm. The amount of light is beyond usual, and the self-timer at night is clear and delicate. At the same time, the advanced fourth-generation dual-image engine, front-mounted full-pixel PDAF focusing and front-loading OIS optical anti-shake technology are all designed to let you raise your hand to make the perfect one.

The Mito T8s is equipped with front-facing fingerprint recognition, which is efficient and fast, and supports practical functions such as fingerprint encryption application, encrypted photo album and fingerprint payment. And, in order to achieve the ultimate in the experience, Mito T8s is equipped with a large battery of 3580mAh, and also supports high-speed flash charging with peak power up to 18W.

Mito T8s has its own distinctive personality in the design, exquisite and beautiful, yet the atmosphere is my evaluation of it. At the same time, the T8s’s self-timer work has also broken through the past, whether it is hardware configuration or system-level tuning optimization has been the ultimate, if you are in need of such a professional self-timer mobile phone, then you must choose Mito T8s.

Backlighting photos are also clear and popular. Vivo X20

Vivo X20’s screen accounted for more than 85%, the screen resolution reached 2160X1080, very clear, the screen uses Samsung’s Super AMOLED display. The vivo X20’s body design is very thin and light, and the back has a better curved design, while the slim body contains a large battery of 3245mAh.

Vivo officially known as the X20 design of the arc of the fuselage is the arc of art, feels as good as the encounter with this life love. In addition, in order to match the stunning comprehensive screen design, vivo also designed a complete system UI for the X20, which complement each other. In terms of human-computer interaction, the vivo X20 is equipped with the ISkip gesture function, which can be operated by sliding on the screen without unnecessary virtual or physical buttons.

The vivo X20 is equipped with Face Wake facial recognition, which supports wake-up and face recognition. It does not need to touch the power button, and the unlocking is very smooth. The vivo X20 is the first dual-camera phone in the vivo X series. It has 12 million ultra-high pixels. Because it is a dual-core pixel, the camera has 24 million photosensitive cells. The X20 is equipped with a third-generation imaginary algorithm that supports ten-fold zoom, dual-core pixels, OIS optical image stabilization, DSP, and more.

Repeated list of best-selling list glory V9

Nowadays, most of the young people’s price/performance ratio is not just low price. More people want to buy high-quality mobile phones in an acceptable range. The audio and video performance is good, and they can play games. It is also best to take beautiful photos. It is. Glory V9 this phone is in line with the needs of these users, not only superior performance, high-quality dual-camera imaging capabilities, but also a rare 2K screen at this price.

From the configuration point of view, glory V9 is equipped with 5.7-inch 2K display, equipped with Kirin 960 eight-core chip, 4GB/6GB running memory version +64GB/128GB large-capacity storage, front 8 million pixel beauty lens, dual 12 million pixel black and white + Color lens with laser focus and depth focus and dual color temperature flash. The 4000mAh battery capacity is the first dual-camera 3D model phone.

From the appearance, the glory V9 is an inverted U-shaped innovative architecture design, supporting the second generation of professional eye protection mode, the mobile phone is only 6.97mm. Sneak-in flat-panel double-lens and diamond-cut bright edges, lens GDM wave texture design, more elegant. Glory V9 has four body colors: Platinum Gold, Magic Night Black, Charm Red, Aurora Blue.

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The glory V9 from the image of Fang Zheng’s suit and suit has turned into a beautiful man with a beautiful value, which is more in line with the positioning of the glory series for young people. Of course, the appearance of the color does not hinder the continuation of the flagship level of the blood, compared to the cheap “god machine” of many piles of materials, the name of the price should belong to this type of balance and workmanship.related articles