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People’s Views about Sleep that Will Make you Laugh

In our day to day life, sleeping is a usual activity. It is important to sleep to refresh our bodies and make them relax for the next day’s activities. This enables us to perform our everyday duties with great energy. Sleeping is also termed as a healthy practice and hence advisable. You should be familiar with the amount of sleep that your body requires as excess sleeping or insufficient sleep is harmful even though sleep is important. The negative effects of sleeping more than it is enough are that you become unfocused and often feel tired than you were when sleeping. The effect of not having enough sleep is that our bodies feel wared out and tend to shut down. Although it is important to sleep there are some people who have funny views about the activity.

One of the funny views about sleep is that some people have the idea of not giving up on their dreams so they think that they should sleep for long hours to achieve their dreams. It is obvious that one is supposed to work towards achieving your own dreams to make them come true and you only achieve them when you are awake. Although some people do not know the exact meaning of this phrase. The phrase that says the amount of sleep that a normal person wants is usually five minutes more is another thing to have the funny view of sleep. It is usually advisable to sleep an average of eight hours but when it is time to wake up everyone says that she should be allowed to sleep for a few minutes before waking up. The extra minutes may result into sleeping hours. The other funny thing that people say about sleep is that some people say that they sleep like babies and yet they do not even have one. It is weird for a person to know how a baby sleeps yet she lacks one.

Some people do not believe that they can just rise up to see the rising of the sun which is termed to be beautiful. Some individuals wake up early in the morning to see the beauty of the sun which is rising in their environment as to them this indicates a new day which holds new opportunities. Others are interested in sleeping and hope that the sun will rise without them seeing it. Those are some of the funny views that people have about sleep.

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