How One Scent Company Helps Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Succeed

Retailers today have to do everything possible to secure sales whenever and wherever they can. Faced with so much competition from large local competitors and online giants, many retailers have started to feel an unyielding pressure to improve their results.

In some cases, making use of less-understood solutions proves to be the key to making progress. One scent company, for example, produces and sells a system that can provide a number of significant benefits to retailers.

Making the Most of an Underutilized Sense

Virtually every retailer today makes use of tools and techniques that leverage the senses of sight and hearing. Carefully arranged window displays entice passersby to become shoppers, and soothing music puts their minds at ease.

Far fewer retailers pay attention to the way aromas and scents can influence human moods and behavior. In fact, the sense of smell is every bit as important in these respects as any other.

Systems that allow retailers to spread carefully selected scents through their places of business can deliver impressive benefits. Some of the results that retailer store operators can expect after putting such a system into service include:

  • Longer visits. Customers who feel comfortable and content in a particular store are always apt to spend more time looking around. Putting customers at ease is a goal for just about every retailer today, but relatively few make use of all the available options. Scent systems that create an appealing olfactory atmosphere can extend the length of the average shopper’s visit significantly. That alone can easily translate into increased sales as customers discover more items they are interested in buying.
  • More willingness to buy. Although socialization can mask the fact, human beings are essentially predatory creatures. Contrary to what some believe, predators in nature tend to be highly suspicious of their surroundings and rarely relax the way their prey do. Shoppers who feel more confident and centered thanks to welcoming scents in the area will be more inclined to overcome their predatorial insecurities and check out with a new purchase.

An Investment That Can Easily Pay Off

For many retailers today who are struggling to increase their sales figures, an investment in such a system can easily pay off. With this being an option that few competitors will be likely to have explored, being the first to take advantage can be especially productive.